How to Remove a GPS Tracker from a Car

Over the years, GPS tracking technology has advanced itself and made it easy for people to install it for security purposes. As technology increases, the fear of theft also increases, especially when people own an expensive car or stuff. So people need complete solutions for fulfilling their security needs as they are dependent on technology. When you have a costly thing, you want to secure it and need an update in every bit of a second as new invention GPS trackers help you out of this difficult situation. 

While purchasing anything valuable and expensive, you also buy the fear of how to protect it. GPS trackers are invented to solve your issues and protect your costly and useful things from being stolen. If you have teens to monitor, old parents to watch, and expensive things to save, then GPS trackers are the best options you might consider. These trackers help you in every bad situation as it gives you 24/7 updates. 

What is a GPS Tracker?

GPS trackers allow you to observe, monitor, and track your friends and family, employees, fleets, etc., so that you can ensure their security. GPS trackers give you every bit of information of the whole day. If you are holding a car, it gives you the detail of entire day trips, fuel usage and time, etc. it also tells you the exact current location of your vehicle. If you want to monitor your teenage children, then it will also help you with it. You can keep their record on your laptop, PCs, etc., via emails or messages. 

Different Uses of a GPS Tracker

• Locating You

GPS’s main advantage is it helps you locate your location. Such as if you are an adventure lover, and then you must have GPS with you. Suppose you are lost in a crowd or separated from your friends, then with the help of GPS, you can location each other’s location. In a place where you are not familiar with areas, GPS trackers assist you, such as on road trips or hiking, etc., you can find out your destination with the best possible routes just because you have GPS with you. 

• Locating Lost Pets

If you are a pet lover, you have to be careful about your pets because they can easily escape from homes, such as cats, and dogs can easily be trapped. Pets can also easily be distracted by food or other things, so it would be helpful for a pet lover to embed GPS into their skin so you can immediately get them back. 

• Retrieving and Recovering Stolen Car

One of the most valuable things a person has is his car. Everyone wants to protect their vehicle from being stolen. If you have a GPS car tracker installed in your car, you can get your vehicle in no time.  

• Tracking the Unlawful

GPS trackers might be helpful for the police department in finding the crime location and collecting evidence by attaching GPS chips to the suspects’ vehicles etc.

How can you tell if your car has a GPS tracker on it?

GPS has so many advantages, but on the other hand, it can violate your privacy if it is installed in your car without you knowing it. If you have an idea or suspect someone, then there are some places where you can check it. However GPS tracker removal is not easy but the common area is where you can find GPS is the car’s wheel; then, you can check the vehicle’s bumpers or dashboard. You can also look for GPS behind or beneath the seats. 

Remove a GPS Tracker:

GPS tracker removal must be necessary whenever you suspect it, but removing tracker from car is not easy. So here are some points you can keep in your mind while doing it. 

• Use GPS Tracker Detector To Locate Device

It is quite challenging to find the GPS locator as it is very small, like the size of a matchbox, so you have to purchase a GPS track detector to scan in and outside the targeted vehicles. 

• Perform Visual Inspection On Outside Of Car

GPS trackers are portable with a magnet; and can easily be hidden anywhere in the car, so you must perform a visual inspection. Wheels wall, bumpers, etc., are the location where you might look upon them. 

• Look Inside Car For Vehicle Tracking Devices

There are some common places inside the car to look for trackers, such as inside the cushions, beneath the seats, in the speakers’ area, etc. 

• Remove GPS Tracking Device

Removing a GPS tracker from the car is not an easy task that one can do independently. If the GPS tracker is portable, then it is easy to remove, but if it is wired with a 12-volt system, you have to consider a professional because then GPS track removal is a difficult task. These wires around the GPS tracker might be harmful to the vehicle system, so these wires must be removed or cut. 

• Observe GPS Device For Identifying Marks

GPS companies keep a record of every purchase, so when you remove the GPS, you can ask the manufacturer about who purchased it. There is a serial number on it from which you can find out that purchase and install it in your car or belongings. 

Take away

Now a day’s importance of a tracking system has increased. Whether you are traveling, hiking, going out with friends, or solving a police case, it will help you in any case. You can keep an eye on your teens and observe your old-age parents and monitor your vehicles and fleet. Infect GPS ensures your security in every situation. On the other hand, where GPS has countless advantages, it may violate people’s privacy. So you must be aware of whether someone in your car installs it and also have to learn how to take the tracker off the car and how to disable GPS on car.