How Can I Track My Stolen Car? Top 5 Fast and Effective Ways​

Now day’s people want to buy cars as they want to ease in their life. Before buying a car, people want security because of the increasing rate of robbery and theft cases. But the worst thing one can experience in life is a stolen car. It is a terrible thing one can bear, and it increases stress in your life. While buying expensive stuff such as cars, people always fear being stolen or fear that their car may be stolen. 

What to do if your car is stolen? Where to find it at first? How canifind my car? All these questions come to your mind when your car gets stolen or when you are being theft. All you have to do is when your car gets stolen, and you have to file a stolen carcase. With the help of security camera footage or recording, you can help police in finding your car. 

Check If Your Car Is Indeed Stolen

An increasing number of robbery cases make people life insecure. They always think about how to protect valuable and expensive things. But once you feel you have lost your car, the first thing is to check and ensure that it is stolen. Start it with parking lot while checking for stolen car. Sometimes, you get yourself confused, and you do not remember where you parked your car. 

Check the parking area where you last parked it asks another person to check it thoroughly and try to recall where you went last time. Use car keys to hear a beep of the car. So before start searching for your stolen car, make sure it is stolen.

When you have a lot of things going in your mind, you get yourself confused. It might be a possibility that the parking lot is big and you can’t remember where you park it so, try to remember at first but when you satisfy yourself that it is stolen then start searching for it. 

Top 5 Fast and Effective Ways

• File a "Car Stolen" Report to the Police

The first thing after your car is stolen, file a police report. Make sure to provide every bit of information to the police. You have to provide your license, tracking device, identification, color, model and brand of car, last location, etc. and ask the police to find my vehicle. When you provide enough details, it would be easy for the police to find your car.

• Contact Your Insurance Company When Your Car Is Stolen

After informing the police, contact your insurance company and tell them about a stolen car. You can get insurance for a stolen car, and the company pay for it if you currently have car insurance. If you find your car, you have to tell the insurance company and their staff to give you your car.

• Inform Your Leasing Company If Your Rented Car Is Stolen

When you rent a car, and it gets stolen, immediately contact the leasing company. Inform them about the police report and ask for an identification tag. Check the insurance package you selected while leasing a car. If you have a complete coverage package of insurance, the company will cover a stolen car. 

• Use GPS Device to Locate Your Stolen Car

A company tracker helps you determine the location of a stolen car. With the help of GPS, tracker police can easily find it whether it is in garage, driveway, shop, etc. GPS makes it easy for everyone to find your car as soon as possible. 

• Call Every Cab Company When Your Car Is Stolen

You can also check the security camera and footage to find your car. Check every footage and recording to see the thief’ face or image. These possibilities make it possible to find the stolen car.


When you buy a car, you also buy fear of a stolen car. One must have a GPS tracker in their cars to get back stolen cars as early as possible. One must know that where ever your car is, it is at risk of being theft or stolen. Your car is unsafe everywhere, so you need to be careful about that. When the car gets stolen, you have to file a case immediately. Start stolen vehicle Search everywhere with the help of police and security footage.  


1. Does Insurance Cover Stolen Cars?

You can get compensation for stolen or damaged cars if your car has insurance. A comprehensive insurance package allows you to cover the damage or stolen car. 

2. How Long Does It take for the Insurance Company to pay out on Your Stolen Car?

After your car is stolen, contact the insurance company. If you selected comprehensive insurance, then you can claim it. The waiting period is 30 days, and within this period company investigates the whole case. If the car is back with damages, the company sees if it is repairable or it is a total loss then you will get total cash value.  

3. How hard is it to find a stolen vehicle?

The recovery rates of stolen vehicles are different in different areas and countries. According to the insurance report, the average rate of recovery is 46% which is relatively high. 

4. How Long Does It Take for Police to Find a Stolen Car?

 If you have security camera footage, then it is possible to get the car back soon.